Who I Am

A teacher and writer of soul, heart and healing, I hold a doctoral degree in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I consider myself a scholarly mystic, utterly in love with the more-than-human world. I am devoted, creatively, to finding the sacredness in everyday life and am a true believer in the power of the imagination, the wisdom of the heart, and the reality of the unseen world.

Why I Do It

Because I believe in the notion of vocation as a 'calling' — bringing our unique voice and essence out in the world. And these are the paths that chose me. I, somehow, am just along for the ride. Trying, at every turn, to listen a bit more deeply. 


What I Do

+ I provide written, video and audio content for various magazines, companies, and online content platforms. I also offer in-person workshops on various aspects of energetic wellness, yoga, meditation, creativity, and imaginative process.

+ I am a senior instructor for The Institute for Inner Studies in Europe. I teach a comprehensive system of energetic medicine known as Pranic Healing. I have taught various professionals and individuals this work, and guest lectured at Emory University Medical School on complementary medicine. I now teach in Amsterdam, Denmark, Norway and Slovenia. 

+ I lecture and speak at various conferences and large festivals (most recently The Inner Peace Conference in Amsterdam and The Copenhagen Yoga Festival in Denmark). I have also appeared on radio programs and television. 

+ I am currently co-authoring a book on creativity and consciousness. And working on a debut collection of my poetry. 

+ I laugh, travel the world, blend a lot of green stuff, drink a lot of lattes, and try to contribute positively to this astounding planet we co-inhabit.