Find my Pranic Healing Teaching Schedule at Explore Pranic Healing

Explore Pranic Healing is our own organization, through which I teach Pranic Healing and Twin Hearts Meditation in Amsterdam, Denmark, Norway and Slovenia. 
To stay up to date on my teaching and offerings, connect with us on Facebook also. 

Meditate with me on The House of Yoga (video)

I guide three 10-minute online meditations on this acclaimed international yoga-video platform. Each one is accessible to all-levels. No prior experience necessary. They are all great to return to again and again. 

Special Classes at Delight Yoga

Each month I offer a "Healing Through Meditation" class at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam. It is open to everyone and I would love to see you in person there. You can look out for me on Delight Yoga's schedule.

Meditate with me on the Rituals App (audio) 

You can download the Rituals app on any smart-device. Go to "Relax" and you will be welcomed to "Me-Time." Here, you can choose from 3 meditations and once you choose, you can also select the length of time you want to meditate with me (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes). 

Social Media

Here are my professional pages so we can stay connected in this magical, virtual world of ours.

Create content with me for your platform or website. Or perhaps I can offer guest workshops or a special class at your space or studio? Or speak at a conference or festival you are organising. Let's explore collaboration. 

Areas of Expertise Include : 

Depth Psychology; Alchemy of Transformation; Heart-Centered Living; Cultivating Imagination; Yoga; Meditation; Energetic Wellness; Pranic Healing